About us

The Troll aux Trousses is a medieval material distribution company which was founded in December 2001. The company was born from the need for two amateurs of the medieval period to obtain the articles necessary to participate in activities of (GN).

Acting as wholesalers, we distribute the achievements of several Quebec artisans and import medieval materials to make this period accessible. Wholesale, but also retailers, we take pride in our careful reputation that aims to process each of the transactions in a way that satisfies each of our customers.

Serving several boutiques in Quebec and exporting thousands of dollars of Quebec creations to the United States, Le Troll aux Trousses has earned a prominent place in the medieval world.

The Troll aux Trousses was the idea of ​​Georges-Étienne Gagnon. He has been involved in life-size activities for more than ten years and has owned the company since its inception.

The second owner is one of the first customers of the Troll aux Trousses. Maxime Ulmer liked the company so much he bought it!

The Troll aux Trousses team would not be complete without the help of Édith Asselin who handles everyday management.