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Philadelphia Injury Lawyer

Today the issued a safety alert to notify healthcare professionals about the potential for sparks, fires, toxic fumes, and explosions when disposable battery operated ravage systems cables are cut. BOLS are used in the and nursing units. The cutting of the battery pack’s cable can lead to a short circuit, causing the batteries to discharge rapidly, producing intense heat and flammable gases with a resulting explosion that expels flammable gases and toxic chemicals endangering both patients and staff.

Deaths have been reported in connection with the widely used diabetes drug, marketed by Amyl in Pharmaceuticals.  An alert from the Philadelphia Injury Lawyer said they. The announced that Baxter International’s popular blood thinning drug Heparin was contaminated with oversulfated chondroitin sulfate.  Hundreds of adverse reactions have been reported in connection with the contaminated Heparin products. At least people have died as a result.

Philadelphia Injury Lawyer

Findings of a study published in November by the Philly Injuries Law of Medicine indicate that patients with drug eluting stents were times more likely to suffer from stent thrombosis, which can lead to heart attack or death.

The news release requesting that manufacturers of gadolinium based MRI difference agent include a warning on the product group state that patients with renal lack who accept gadolinium-based agent or nephrogenic.  It also states that liver remove recipients, individuals with constant liver illness are also at danger for rising if they are experiencing kidney lack in adding to their liver condition.

In a healthy individual, gadolinium is removed from the body by the kidneys. When the kidney functioning is compromised, the gadolinium remains in the body causing serious harm. Can take weeks or months to appear in patients but once it begins the disease develops and progresses rapidly and can be fatal.  If you have undergone Philadelphia Injuries Law and are experiencing any symptoms which may be related to, you should seek immediate medical attention.

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