Dealing With Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons
Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons

After buying your guitar, learning how to tune and learning how to read the tabs, you might be asking yourself what would be the next step. I suggest that your next step is for you to learn the basic chords. Yes, I am talking about the basic major and minor chords. This way, you can prep up yourself so that you could be able to play simple songs on the guitar. These simple chords are catalyst to your growth. You need this to improve your Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons playing and to prep you up also on other skills…

Basic Guitar Chords – Chords

What are these basic guitar chords that I am talking about? These are the simple chords that are easy to do and doesn’t use too much fingers. Example of these chords are those chords that belong to the caged chord group (C, A, G, E, D). For starters, you could begin with the chord progressions G, Em, D, and C. To know how to play these chords, you must learn how to read chord charts. Chord charts are easy to find. You can find it easily over the internet.

Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons
Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons

 Basic Guitar Chords – Tips

To make things much easier, try looking for a song, maybe a favorite song of yours that has a simple chord progression. Then what you should do is to learn the song. First, learn its chords and learn to play the song. You could start slowly at first and build up the pace and you will notice after a few weeks that you are slowly memorizing the song and playing it well. Besides, mastering the guitar is all about getting used to the skills, the techniques and the methods. So get used to the basic guitar chords.

Dealing with guitar chords

If you are just starting to learn guitar playing, you should really focus first on how to properly play guitar chords. These are the foundation of acoustic guitar playing, as well as electric guitar playing. . You don’t just skip to the advance parts like guitar soloing or other stuff. Not only that these are two advanced and difficult for you, it would also be a lot more stressful and depressing and might even be the cause why you would quit playing the guitar and we don’t want that to happen. A lot of times we struggle with our guitar playing and doing difficult tasks makes us want to quit, but that’s fine if we have the determination to move on and pursue this career. If you really love what you are doing, you would do whatever it takes to see it through the end.

Dealing with Guitar chords – how to start?

I know that you are looking at a chord chart right now and you are thinking about a lot of things seeing all of those chords. Don’t worry; you don’t have to learn them all at once. Besides you can’t play them all at once anyway. Just learn the basics first and you will be just fine.

Dealing with guitar chords – what to begin with?

Start with the basics. The 8 major chords and the 8 minor chords. Let’s say we would start with the major ones. C, D, E, F, G, A, B, and C are the basic major chords. Let me give you a tip. If you really want to learn quick, find a song that has basic major and minor chords in it and learn it. It’s much more exciting that way. Trust me; you would learn a lot quicker than normal and you will definitely think that dealing with Guitar Video Lesson is a piece of cake.

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