How to wear best organic cotton clothing for a newborn?

Each of mothers has to face with the stress of wearing best organic cotton clothing for a newborn. Dressing a newborn can be hard because many newborns have floppy arms, an oversized head and curled-up legs. Besides, they are so fragile to move them around too much. You need to have a useful lesson below about wearing best organic cotton clothing for newborn before having a new baby.

organic cotton clothing

  1. You should best organic cotton clothing that have wide openings at the neck and are easy to snap or zip up. Pick suitable newborn sizes depending on the size of your baby and look for clothes that are easy on and off.
  2. Lay your child on a flat surface such as the floor to wear baby clothes.
  3. Stretch the neck opening of the best baby outfits with your hands but avoid ripping the fabric.
  4. Cup the baby’s head gently and slide the baby’s head through the neck opening of baby outfits. Mind the ears and the nose and guide the clothes on rather than tug the clothes on.
  5. Slide the garment over the baby’s shoulders and guide the baby’s arms into the arm holes one at a time. Once both arms are in the proper holes, slide the rest of the garment down the baby’s body to cover the torso.
  6. Button the snaps or zip the zipper of best organic clothes baby at the crotch area.

How to make cool organic cotton clothing for a newborn?

For mothers who like sewing, their babies are the nice opportunities to provide inspirations that they will need for a short time and treasure forever. With handmade cool organic cotton clothing, you can show off expert techniques without committing to a large sewing project. Making cool baby outfits for newborns requires having the special meticulous and ingenious process in mind because newborn skin is very sensitive. All items that touch a baby’s skin need to be extra gentle.

  1. Choose patterns for sets or dresses that close in the front with snaps, or short ties at the middle of the body. Some babies don’t like having cool organic cotton clothing pulled over their heads.
  2. Check the sewing pattern’s sizing requirements. Most patterns for infants have a size suitable for cool baby outfits starting from about 6 lbs. You should consider making some items in both the smallest size and the next size up.
  3. Launder the fabric by using the colour-free, fragrance-free laundry products. Do not use bleach when doing laundry baby organic clothes.
  4. After that sew the pieces using French seams, or serge using a flat lock stitch. These seams will protect baby’s delicate skin from raw edges on cool baby suits.
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