Hello everyone. Let me extend a warm welcome to all of you. Thank you so much for taking part in this conference. I would also like to express gratitude to the conference committee members for making this conference possible again this year. We want to see what you see at SXSW Workspace, so we came up with an idea. It involves you, but you don’t have to do much – sounds ideal doesn’t it? Participate in the SXSW is easy photo experiment

SXSW Workspace
SXSW Workspace

Participate in the SXSW Workspace is easy photo experiment we’re going to hand out a number of disposable cameras to people like you. Your job will be to take a few photos anything or anyone, but ideally your shots will reflect your SXSW experiences. Then you’ll pass the camera on to a fellow SXSW attendee for them to do the same.

Here’s how it works:respond here if you want a camera; take a few images and pass off the camera to another SXSW Unofficial Logistics attendee. Let us know here who you gave the camera to. If possible, that person will either reply to us on twitter or here. Last person follows instructions on the camera to return it.

Once the photos are developed we’ll put them online and you can claim the ones you took Self Storage near me. Most camera drops almost always involve nudity and weirdness, and we hope for nothing less. It is austin, after all. So be part of the social experiment that is SXSW. Join our fun and we’ll see you in a couple days with your camera.reasons to upgrade to a gold badge. Some come for the music. Others for the interactive elbow rubbing. But those in the know come for the film fest.

SXSW Workspace

With a relatively inexpensive upgrade you can go gold and observe and report but there are some great indies that are worth the extra scratch. Here’s our top 5 films/reasons to make the upgrade or sneak away form that speech or skip that early party: Awaydays after seeing great biopics about british bands and their labels we’re ready to see the other side of the coin how they influenced a whole generation struggling with the same issues they were writing about.

With The beautiful smokey mountains as a backdrop, this film about the friendship between a cab driver and a man who has nothing to live for just might be the feel-good-story of the fest. An acting workshop by jeffrey tambor who wouldn’t want to take some pointers from the mind behind george bluth? Too many great documentaries to name with films like pulling, last of the beekeepers and the way we get by there is not enough time to see or talk about them all. Best worst movie a doc about the worst movie ever made. Troll 2 and the strange cult following it has. The alamo drafthouse is featured in the film and could be like déjà vu all over again!

Sneak into the vivid entertainment panel. And don’t twitter from there. There’s a whole lot going on at Host Your SXSW Event, and a lot of decisions to make. But don’t fret, we’re here to help! Brand new for we’re providing a special daily email newsletter for the SXSW Unofficial Logistics film festival, delivered straight to your inbox. Starting this thursday, the newsreel is going on hiatus to make way for the newsletter. Simply head to the signup page, plug in your info, and we’ll take care of the rest, delivering a hot-off-the press digest of tips, recommendations, and tons of other info to help you make the very best of your SXSW experience.

SXSW Workspace is working with the austin parks and recreation department to bring you a fantastic program of free events – yes, free – at george washington carver museum & cultural center.The Film program includes a special youth filmmaking workshop on stop motion animation, led by gary schwartz of austin school of film. Kids age 13-19 can work on a hip-hop music video, with the result being screened at SXSW with the texas high school shorts program on saturday

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