Residential Pool Service in Chatsworth


Pool Service & Tile Cleaning

In the past, the practice of cleaning tiles was bound by the limited availability of products made for this specific use. This led to the use of hazardous chemicals, Dremel tools with abrasive heads, and even glass bead for the removal of unsightly calcium buildup and pool tile cleaning. Not only were these practices potentially hazardous to the human body, but they could also damage your equipment and tiles in the long run, and lower the life of your lovely swimming place!

Fortunately, at pool cleaning Chatsworth, we use modern eco-friendly alternatives, that are just as effective in tile cleaning as the old chemicals.

Eco-Friendly & Safe for Your Health

State of the art technology has made it so that you can utilize new safe and affordable, as well as environmentally safe, cleansing material this is not only soft but mineral-based as well. This revolutionary method takes advantage of a great new product, which was designed with the safety of your pool, and your body, in mind! The manufacturer is so confident in their product, they provide a lifetime guarantee on it! Our method is completely free of hazard for you, and for the environment.


Take Action!

So are you looking for pool tile cleaning Chatsworth? Look no further. Regardless of the type of tile or grout you have, you need not worry about which of our cleaners to use. Our compounds are safe for black, glass, slate, granite, ceramic, and even porcelain. As an added bonus, they are also soluble in water which will ensure the safety of your water filter and pump equipment.

As the saying goes, “let the buyer beware!” Not all companies are as conscious about the quality of your water and the health of its swimmers. Make sure that you choose a company like ours that only uses this revolutionary new cleaner that is the best alternative to caustic compounds that will eventually cost you thousands of dollars.

Pool Repair in Chatsworth

When we talk about pool maintenance, we usually have to consider two types of people. Type one includes all those people who find it very easy to call a maintenance service several times a month and pay them to make sure the filters work properly and the water is clean for swimming.

On the other hand, you have the people who think that the maintenance is a daily activity and needs to be taken care of by themselves. Regardless of the category you belong, it’s important to understand that regular maintenance helps reduce pool repair costs in the future.

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