SEO SAN JOSE Dispels Five Myths about Search Engine Optimization


With the rapid evolution of search engine optimization, the number of myths surrounding the practice grows on a regular basis. Whether these myths are kept alive to make it easier for companies to sell their SEO services or are just misperceptions that will not die, SEO SAN JOSE has announced five myths which need to be dispelled immediately. They are:

1) Website owners assume that they know the search terms that will drive business, which makes keyword research unnecessary. Business owners may know the relevant search terms for their businesses but have no idea which ones will be cost effective and provide results without doing keyword research first. This myth typically leads to either the use of keywords which are very general and competitive or terms which are so narrow and specific that they aren’t used for search. Either way, the returns for believers of this myth are usually quite poor. Keyword research, on the other hand, will reveal the precise terms people are using to search for a business’ products as well as those which can be optimized for the fastest and most cost-effective results.

SEO San Jose
SEO San Jose

2) It doesn’t matter how many times it’s been repeated, Google does not partner with or approve SEO San Jose companies. They will penalize companies which use “black hat” techniques but implicit Google approvals do not exist. Because it sounds great in a sales pitch, this myth is likely to carry on into the indefinite future.

3) Another myth that regularly finds its way into sales pitches is that submitting a website to hundreds of directories will drive tons of traffic and help with search engine page rankings. The biggest problem with this myth is that most directories are industry specific. Making a bunch of submissions to irrelevant directories doesn’t help, but it sounds good in a sales pitch.

4) A page one search engine ranking does not signify a successful SEO campaign. This myth linking page one presence to automatic internet success actually has some truth to it but leaves out some important details. Virtually any company can make page one if they optimize a long key phrase that has no competition. Just put ten words together and as long as someone keys in the exact phrase, the page will be found on page one. In other words, a page one ranking that doesn’t generate targeted traffic does not signify a successful SEO campaign.

5) Successful SEO without the need for link building is also a durable myth. It’s commonly held that the algorithms currently in use at Google, Yahoo, and Bing weigh in-bound links for approximately 50% of their ranking formula. Without this critical aspect, an SEO campaign will likely fall well short of expectations.

SEO SAN JOSE specializes in delivering Google search engine optimization solutions customized to the specific circumstances of each client.

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