The Latest Trends in Search Engine Optimization


So what SEO techniques are you using? Are you using the latest techniques and are you aware of the latest SEO trends? Do you have any idea what direction the search marketing industry is going? Unfortunately, to keep up you must work hard to be educated on the latest direction the industry is moving.

All the big forces and even some of the newest players are taking the industry in a new direction and if you are not keeping up the picture will become dull. What is becoming a major change in how people communicate on the internet?

There was a time when San Jose SEO trends were enough to stuff preferred keywords in a content hundred of times and page copy to rank high in search engines. But this technique doesn’t work anymore as the technology has upgraded itself, the best thing is to keep your website’s content updated and genuine and you will be at high ranking in search over and over again which will give an easy access to people online to easily shop on via your business website. It means you must use keywords in website content (in a page title, in articles, page content), this technique is considered very important in doing SEO and will keep on proving its worth in times to come.

Other SEO Techniques tend to fluctuate over the years as trends are modifying from time to time but important ones keep on making its appearance on SEO Horizon. Google’s rollout of “Universal Search” has changed the playing field for the future. Site Speed may be considered as a new ranking factor because Google’s goal is to help its users to find information as quickly as possible.


Socializing your business website is now preferred to build legitimate backlinks to your website. SMM (Social Media Marketing) and Social Networking is now a trend that is playing a major role in SEO, as users are getting more choosy and rely on good word of mouth to buy a product online and want to get more information on their mobile websites now. The push towards mobile phones websites is more after the emergence of smart-phones, so businesses need not only to reach those mobile users but also to create optimized websites targeting those specific audiences.

Search marketing is moving in the direction of location-based searches. Have you taken note of late that even Twitter has done the job of giving the ax to the old fashion spammy business model to prepare for location SEO marketing that is coming? You can see this change coming at us very fast with the new phones hitting the market. Just look the new phones that know your exact location and the technology even knows all the places you are close to.

Latest trends of San Jose SEO has now emerged from traditional SEO techniques to a complex SEO in which sustaining search engine rankings is not a piece of cake anymore. Developing business image, promoting brand via socialization, building networks of business partners’ online, creating informative contents, and attractive web designs are part of latest trends of SEO of the year 2010 in other words; legitimate link building is the key to success in online business and to get higher rankings in major search engines.

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