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Link popularity measures your website’s online visibility. Link popularity is the total number of links or “votes” that a search engine has found for your website. This tool allows you to analyze Sugar Land SEO competitors performance compared to your own in order to improve your overall marketing strategy.

Our link popularity tool gives you a choice of charts or graphical representations of the resulting data. You can compare your site’s link popularity across a general range or specific industry range. You can also click the links to discover exactly what pages are linking to you or your competition.

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The keyword verification tool checks to see if your website has top search engine placement in the major search engines. It checks your search engine ranking in the top three results pages for up to two specific keywords or phrases of your choice.

It is important that your website has a top search engine placement because statistics show that most people do not browse beyond three pages when searching.

Search engine ranking tip: It is also important that you have top search engine placement for the keywords that specifically describe your website. If you want to find better keywords use the keyword suggestion tool to discover what people are using in actual searches to find sites similar to SEO Companies in Sugar Land yours and then check your web server logs to discover what words people are using to find your website. Select a few targeted and popular key phrases that best describe your site and then optimize your site for those words.

The first step in any search engine optimization effort is to choose the right keyword. Your SEO strategy is built around optimizing your pages for particular search terms and if you target the SEO Sugar Land wrong words, then your efforts will be for nothing. Find the keywords people are using and the number of times they are using them in actual searches with this keyword tool. This search engine optimization tool is totally free of charge and helps take the guesswork out of the research.


Manual submissions are necessary for most major search engines, however, some search engines are still accepting URL submissions and this free search engine submission tool is a great time saver. For a complete list of search engines and an easy how-to guide, visit our website promotion learning center.

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