Why A Aluminium Awnings?

aluminum awning

Whether you’re waiting out the winter chill or seeking relief from the hot summer afternoon’s sun, it’s never too early to start thinking about finding some shade.

Now you can tame the heat tiger by adding a retractable awnings to shade your deck or patio. The retractable, or lateral-arm, awnings is a European innovation that adds cool outdoor living space to your home while supplying a number of additional benefits.

Widely popular in brisbane, retractable aluminium awnings are prized for their convenience and economy. The awnings are operated manually with a simple crank or by motorized remote control. Either way, the awnings put shade where you want it, when you want it.

When the awnings is extended, its shade can knock off 20 degrees off the temperature of your deck or patio by removing reflective surface heat. By shading your glass picture windows or French doors, you can reduce the energy requirements in a given room by as much as 77 percent. Add to those impressive numbers the ultra-violet light protection offered by the awnings, and you can prevent fading and sun damage on your carpets and furniture.

Retractable aluminium awnings allow a clear view to be kept of the outside world, unlike other systems that require obstructive posts or poles for support. Uniquely engineered for outdoor conditions, the retractable aluminium awnings are tested for winds up to 40 mph at full extension and even higher winds speeds when only partially extended.

aluminium awnings
aluminium awnings

Each awnings is custom measured and manufactured, then installed by our factory-trained technicians. All our retractable aluminium awnings are manufactured with quality Brisbane.

It is very likely you will need to have the engineering mailed to you before you purchase the awnings. The engineering will be needed to obtain a permit. Do not buy an awnings until you have the permit, if you need one. A reputable company will gladly send the needed paperwork so that you can get you permit. When you order the awnings make sure you are getting the same material highlighted in their engineering.

Do some research and use some common sense. Most aluminium awnings are custom made. A lot of work goes into putting together an awnings package and getting it delivered to your home. A lot of work and whole lot of expense. One mistake could take away any profit the dealer may have and could wind up costing you weeks of time to get it corrected. Do everything on your end to make sure the order is exactly what you want.

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