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Do you know what website design & development is? Do you want to know about website development? Are you looking for a website development company for your online business? You should select your website development company for your business wisely because the better your website development company is, the more good and profitable your online business will be.

Yes, you have heard it right. Having a good Calgary website development company for your online business is all that you need to attract more and more customers to your shopping platforms. We are here to help you out when it comes to selecting the best website development company for yourself.

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What is Website Development?

We all want our website to look good and perform multiple functions with a user-friendly interface such that it can transform the website users into your customers. Website or web development is the development, creation, or building of websites. This website creation works on the internet.

Making it simpler for you to understand, website development consists of basically two words, the word website refers to the internet web pages or anything that works on the internet while the other word development refers to the creation or building the website of the application right from the scratch.

Types of website development

There are two types of website development

Frontend website development

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this type of development, consists of websites in which the users directly interact. It is also referred to as the client-side of the website. It makes use of different coding languages like CSS, JavaScript, HTML, Bootstrap. Apart from some other frameworks and libraries used in frontend development are Material UI, jQuery UI, React. js, Tailwind CSS.

Backend website development

the backend type of website design & development is that part that is used by the users to interact. This is not visible to the users or you can say that it does not come in contact with the users. The main function of the backend website development is to store and arrange the data of the website. The frameworks used in backend website development are Spring, Rails, Django, Express, Laravel, etc. The programming languages used are Python, PHP, Node.js, and Java.

Why do you need a functional and responsive website design?

Your website should be designed in such a way that it fits in any device. Meaning it should support multiple devices and easily open in any device irrespective of the resolution. It should give the users a great and flawless experience across different devices be it their smartphones, laptops, PCs, or tablets.

Your website should give its visitors an uncomplicated experience when browsing through your website. You can easily display specific content using a responsive website.


These are some of the important things that you should know before you finally decide on your Calgary website development company. Choose your website designing and development company wisely to get a magical experience.

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