Multi-Work Arena Requirements For LED Displays

LED Displays Technology

High Standards Of Materials And Control Technology

Luminescent Material : Luminescent materials are the most important materials for display screens technology, especially full-color display screens. They are the key to ensuring the display effect and high reliability and long life. The main reference indicators are brightness and uniformity.

Control Driver Chip : Controlling the driving chip is the guarantee of the key design of the display. Due to the high technical content of this part and the uneven level of manufacturers, the design of this part should be treated with caution.

Switch Power : The switching power supply is a component with a high failure rate in the display screen. A high-quality switching power supply must be used to ensure that the use requirements of the display screen in the stadium are met.

The stadium display is a large-scale facility serving competitive projects. In terms of its control technology, it needs to integrate advanced technologies in the industry, such as static latch technology, white balance technology, nonlinear correction technology, high grayscale technology, and color uniformity technology. LED video processor technology, fast moving image compensation technology, full brake control technology, etc.

Gymnasium display screens are generally used in sports competitions and large-scale events. Any failure or mistake will cause a great impact. Therefore, stable project quality is the objective requirement of users. In order to meet the requirements, to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the LED display screen, and to be foolproof, we must take quality as the guide in design, production, installation, commissioning and delivery, and use an effective quality assurance system to ensure the entire production process.

Analysis Of Site Demand For LED Display

The design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and operation of LED electronic display must be matched with the sport stadium floor plan and section to coordinate the overall effect. At the same time, the power supply structure of the venue must be fully considered. Generally speaking, the power supply should work normally within the range of (220 ± 22) V, (380 ± 38) V. In addition, all control equipment should be centralized in a control room, and there should be access to control equipment in the venue at the referee seats for various games.

The venue is large, and the stadium has more than 5,000 spectator seats. Generally, two LED electronic displays with an area of ​​40M2 can be constructed. One of the screens is divided into three parts: the clock area, the full-color area and the dual primary color area. There are two parts of the clock area and the dual primary color area. Doing so not only ensures the satisfaction of various functions, but also the reasonable use of funds. If the funds are sufficient and it is possible to host a large-scale rally or competition in the future, you can also make the two screens full-color screens. In this way, the playback effect will be more realistic and the atmosphere rendering will be stronger.

Demand Analysis Of LED Display Content

The multifunctional modern gymnasium can be used not only to hold various sports competitions, but also to hold various large-scale cultural events and rallies. Therefore, the requirements for the display content of the display screen can be summarized as rich, diverse, and real-time. Sports competitions, cultural performances, and large-scale events held in the stadium can be broadcast live through the electronic display, and have special effects such as panoramas, close-ups, slow motion, flash action, drag images, nostalgic movies and so on.

Systematic Requirements Analysis Of LED Display

The display screen of the gymnasium is an important part of the electronic information system of the stadium, so the display screen and the control system are systematic projects. The computer in the control room, the arena, the referee, the referee, and the news center of the gymnasium are integrated into one to serve the entire sports game efficiently. It is only one of the components, so compatibility should be fully considered in the entire system design. All interfaces adopt standard interfaces to form a systematic facility for sharing information resources with the network.

Demand Analysis Of LED Display Environment

High brightness : Because the stadium games and activities are performed during the day or under strong light, the display screen must reach high brightness and be clearly visible under strong light.

Protect from moisture, corrosion and heat. Due to the large volume of the display, fixed installation, and more wiring, special storage methods cannot be used. In addition, it must adapt to the humid, rainy, and high-temperature weather that may occur in the installation area. In consideration of moisture, corrosion and good heat dissipation measures. At the same time, the display screen must be protected against dust.

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